Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

3D Printing

Commercial 3D Printing plays a major role in Dubai's Advanced Manufacturing Sector. As a regional leader in first-hand practical application of 3D Printing Technologies and in addition to its objective to position Dubai as an international 3D Manufacturing Powerhouse, Dubai offers attractive opportunities for innovators from around the world to work on innovative solutions in this proliferating technology.

A newly launched 3D Printing Strategic Alliance will see development of specialized zones across the city dedicated to 3D Printing Entities, and industrial scale 3D Printers have already been utilized in construction of entire buildings.


Nanotechnology remains central in the continuous ambitions of various Dubai Industries in their objectives to leverage latest technological developments for greater efficiencies.

From Construction and Infrastructure to Civil Defense, nanotechnology has deep penetration across a variety of Dubai's key industries. With a global nanotechnology market valued at USD 75.8 Billion, Dubai is spearheading its use in the region.

Nanotech as a technology in itself is highly aligned with Dubai's Industrial Strategy, seeking to become a regional and global industrial powerhouse. Current adoption of this technology has already allowed for improvements in existing industrial processes, materials and applications across the city.

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